8/9/2013-  We apologize for the lack of updates, but we are still currrently involved with personal matters, enough to still not have enough time to focus on our previous services. It is very kind  of you who still check this site. Your interest and loyalty is greatly appreciated.

And we apologize, too, for not staying recent with our email contact. Naturally, our previous Lavabit address is void as their services are currently not available. But at a time where we will be available to accept emails, we will post the new address.

And as always, this website's front page is our location to post the latest information on anything we may have to update.

We are still occupied with life matters, and have no estimate as to when our shop can be open again. We appreciate everyone's patience. We will keep this front page updated with the latest information as it becomes available.

We unfortunately do not have any stock of product at this time. We also can not give any solid estimates concerning future products, as we are too busy with other life matters at this time in order to open our shop in the traditional manner.

However, we will make sure to update our website with any news as it becomes available. So this is the best place to follow the latest information pertaining to future products/services.